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5 of July - 198 Anniversary
5 of July 2009
199 Anniversary of the Independence of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela



¡ God Almighty!



«We, on behalf and by the will and authority of the virtuous people of Venezuela, solemnly declare to the world that their united Provinces are, and in fact will be as from today, by right, free, sovereign and independent States and that they are absolved from all submission and dependency on the Spanish Crown or those who call or will call themselves as their agents or representatives...»    



Act of the Declaration of Independence 





Honourable Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Mrs. Yvonne Hinds.

Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Fellow Venezuelans.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.


A day such as today in 1811 we, Venezuelans, decided to declare ourselves free and independent to establish a republic. That cry for freedom resounded with force from Caracas through America and the Caribbean. That cry ignited a flame of justice and freedom that years later, left a vast territory free from the Spanish yoke.


Those ideals that defend the sovereignty of the peoples are still present today, with the same force, in the Bolivarian Venezuela.


In Venezuela we are building a participatory, democratic and new model society, where the ideals of equality, social justice and fraternity prevail.


At an international level we raise the flags of solidarity among the peoples of the world. We seek friends everywhere; we don’t want to have enemies anywhere in the world.


We promote complementary integration and solidarity. Our main comparative advantage, the petroleum, has been placed at the service of governments and peoples who want to move towards that integration with the Bolivarian seal.


Under these inalienable principles, we work towards the integration of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and we have strengthened bilateral relations with Guyana.


Since May 2007, under the Energy Cooperation Agreement of the Caribbean -PetroCaribe-, Venezuela has been supplying Guyana with a daily amount of 5,200 barrels of fuel at special prices with the commitment of using the resources saved on social programs.


To advance with this agreement, the creation of Petrocaribe Integrated Fund was proposed nourished with the financed portion of the petroleum bill, through, the ALBA Bank with the purpose of financing the implementation of social programs in all member states of Petrocaribe.


The new Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation has become a main source for the teaching of the Spanish language. More than 400 Guyanese students are taught in a comfortable environment and by well trained teachers. Our relations with the University of Guyana have been further developed towards building a bilingual society.


The cultural program is being combined with a program for Social Development that seeks to cooperate in the training of men and women to practise a profession that allows them to generate their own income. Women from Georgetown, Berbice, and Diamond have participated in this program.


The process for the construction of a Centre for the Homeless has already begun with resources from the Alba-Caribe Fund.  On the proposal of the Government of Guyana, the Centre will be located in Region 5 (Abary area) and its aim is to provide comprehensive social assistance to the homeless and for their incorporation into a productive life in the agricultural area.


We have already transferred 50% of the financial resources allocated for this project and if the aims are accomplished by March of next year, this should be completed.


We are insisting on the proposed road link between Venezuela and Guyana under the sponsorship of the “Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure of South America” -IIRSA-.  This project, known as the “Eje vial del Escudo Guayanés” facilitate the road link and will open channels for trade, promoting economic and social development. This project has the financial resources to carry out the environmental impact assessment and we are only waiting for the Technical Binational Meeting to be carried out and the announcement of its tender.


Likewise, with resources from the ALBA-Food Fund we are aiding the development of a project for the “Improvement of the cold chain for non-traditional and dairy sectors” seeking the preservation and transportation of refrigerated dairy products and vegetables.


Ladies and gentlemen, in just 2 years, there will be the bicentenary celebration of that glorious day of our independence. Today, we want to acknowledge the true historical value and ratify our commitment to the struggle for the sovereignty of the peoples and a new model of integration, where all human aspects will prevail and solidarity will be restored... we call for an end to imperialist wars, invasions and attacks against weaker countries... Today is a day of national independence...


Long live the Bolivarian Revolution...


Long live Venezuela...


Long live Guyana...


Thank you very much...




Brief Review of the 5 of July 1811



In the XVIII century there were two movements that marked history and which were very important antecedents for the independence.  In first place, the United States became independent from England in 1776, opening the way and giving this idea to other colonies such as Venezuela.  In second place, in 1789, the French Revolution, with its proclamation of freedom, equality and fraternity, carried an antecedent that had great impact among all intellectuals who saw that the existing regime in Venezuela was not adjusting to those ideals that were becoming in fashion.   


In Venezuela, the “Creoles” were angered by certain regulations imposed by the Spaniards, as later expressed by Simón Bolívar in his letter of Jamaica: “…with startling restrictions, such as the prohibition of the cultivation of fruits from Europe, the obstruction of productions monopolized by the king, the impediment of factories that the very Peninsula did not have, exclusive privileges on trade even on products of essential need; obstacles between provinces and American provinces so that they would not deal, understand, nor negotiate with each other.


In addition to these reasons, the drop that spilled the glass was that the French, under the command of Napoleón Bonaparte had invaded Spain, forcing King Carlos IV and his son Fernando VII to resign to the throne in favour of Napoleón, who assigned his brother, Jose Bonaparte, as King of Spain.


The Independence of Venezuela began in Caracas on the 19 of April 1810, when a group of Creoles from Caracas took advantage of the excuse that a French was ruling in Spain, to hold a town meeting and proclaim a self-government until Fernando VII returned to Spain’s throne.


Captain General, Vicente Emparan, disagreed with this and when he asked the people gathered at the main square (today known as Plaza Bolívar) if they wanted for him to continue ruling, priest José Cortés Madariaga, made signs for the crowd to reply "NO". And that was what had happened. Emparan then said he neither wanted to rule; next he resigned and went to Spain with his colleagues. There the independence of Venezuela began.


In addition, the Supreme Board addressed all of America for them to follow the "example that Caracas set", uniting to this movement. Elections were called for the month of November, in order to elect the representatives to the first congress of Venezuela, which was installed on the 2 of March 1811 with the elected parliamentarians of 7 provinces: Caracas, Barinas, Cumana, Barcelona, Margarita, Merida and Trujillo. Note that the provinces of Guayana, Maracaibo and Coro did not attend to this, remaining faithful to the Spanish government.


This was the congress that adopted for the first time the flag of Venezuela, using the same introduced by Francisco de Miranda during his expedition in 1806, adding on the blue strip seven stars, one representing each province.         


On the 5 of Julio 1811, the members of the Patriotic Society, convinced all the congresspersons except one, to declare the independence of Venezuela, forgetting for once and all the defence of the rights of Fernando VII. This marked the foundation of the Venezuelan State. The act of independence was entrusted to Juan Germán Roscio and the definitive text was approved on the 7 of July.  


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El ALBA . Alternativa Bolivariana para las América  
  El ALBA es el amanecer de la integración latinoamericana
Preservar la paz, la especie humana y afrontar la crisis alimentaria son grandes desafíos que se deben afrontar con la voluntad de vencer a la gran potencia norteamericana

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EL Socialismo del Siglo XXI  
  La Salvación de la Humanidad
Las cualidades eminentes que caracterizan al hombre grande: valor para arrostrar el peligro,
inteligencia para vencer,
amor a la patria y odio a la tiranía.

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Frases ll Hugo Chávez Frías  
  '' Tenemos que ayudar todos los días al nacimiento de la conciencia cuando no la haya y al fortalecimiento de la conciencia cuando ya exista. ''
Presidente Hugo Chávez Frías

Lineas del Comandante.

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Ha llegado la hora de los pueblos y ha comenzado a sonar en todos los relojes: la hora de fundirnos en una verdadera hermandad continental, para honrar de forma activa, en esta Era Bicentenaria, el legado de dignidad plena de nuestras libertadoras y libertadores.
He allí nuestro desafío histórico: no sólo ser sus herederos y herederas, sino sus continuadores y continuadoras.

Uh! Ah! Chávez no se va. La Enmienda Va ,15 de febrero 2009

Simón Bolívar  
  Díos Concede la victoria a la constancia.

Él que persevera vence.

Moral y Luces son nuestras primeras necesidades.

La Moral es la base de la disciplina del hombre

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  Prospero Año 2010, unidos en familia y en paz, con la esperanza de que el espiritú de Jesús llegue a nuestros hogares derramando amor, paz y esperanza....... Sección Informática A/N

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